Our studio features special exhibits of selected artwork that rotate every two weeks, providing three chosen members with a larger area to showcase their pieces.

June 1 – 15, 2023

Disco by Mieko Anekawa

Mieko Anekawa uses mixed media and acrylics to combine naturalism and emotion into an organic collaboration. Elisabeth Sullivan‘s acrylic paintings convey the feelings of peace and childlike wonder one gets when enjoying nature. Liane Glasrud brings her interest in nature, travel, and humor to her collage work.

Show Reception on June 11 from 4:00 – 6:00pm

June 16 – 30, 2023

pond of koi fish by Dora Chen

Dora Chen‘s artwork; using watercolors and acrylics, her art truly reflects the modern fusion of East meets West. Maurjo Reser is a painter who works in several mediums, including watercolor, oils, and acrylic, and in a wide range of styles. Shilpi Prasad‘s paintings represent nature through intricate and detailed linework and vibrant colors.

July 1 – 15, 2023

David Lawhead paints and draws natural landscapes, thoughtful portraits and scenes that tell a good story.  Rustin Holec expresses his inspiration through the landscapes and portraits.   Susan Binford explores her subjects through textures and color, aiming to spark a deeper connection with the natural world.

2023 Dates Artist 1 Artist 2 Artist 3
June 1 – 15 Mieko Anakawa Elisabeth Sullivan Liane Glasrud
June 16 – 30 Dora Chen Maurjo Reser Shilpi Prasad
July 1 – 15 David Lawhead Rustin Holec Susan Binford
July 16 – 31 Asha Sisson Steve Letz Frank Havlichek
August 1 – 15 Liane Glasrud/Susan Binford Leah Higgins Vicky Delong
August 16 – 31 Jerry Vande Berg Keith Warrick Domonique Kinney
Sept 1 – 15 Natasha Papousek Sneha Craig Deanne Tiffany
Sept 16 – 30 JoAnn Pastori Mike Watson Jerry Vande Berg
Oct 1 – 15 Sue Binford Jill Treadwell-Svendsen David Lawhead
Oct 16 – 31 Padgett Mason Nancy Scheuermann Cristiana Brusco
Nov 1 – 15 Shinja Schneides Ann Hamilton Shinja Schneides
Nov 16 – 30 Sandra Carrigan Susan Mae Hull Natasha Papousek
Dec 1 – 15 Shilpi Prasad Fariba Moradgholi Nancy Scheuermann
Dec 16 – 31 Maryellene Deason Ricardo Montalvan Elisabeth Sullivan